Air Duct Cleaning

What is air duct cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is nothing more than the process of cleaning the air ducts in a building or home.

There are two different methods of duct cleaning; the right one and the wrong one. Many air duct cleaning service companies advertise “$99” Total Home Air Duct Cleaning and you are right – it is simply too good to be true.


Here’s the deal . . . no air duct cleaning can be done properly for $99 or in many cases even $399.

What are the different methods?

There are several methods of air duct cleaning. There is a truck mount method, a vacuum method and a push and pull HEPA vac method. The best and most effective method is the push and pull method.

With push and pull there is an extremely powerful HEPA vac attached to the duct system along with a series of brushes that run simultaneously resulting in the most effective method. Whereas the other two methods do not always use push and pull and are not as effective.

We offer the push and pull source removal method and not the typical duct cleaning that you often hear advertised.

Is the source removal method better?

Yes, hands down it is the best method of cleaning air ducts.

Is it more expensive than a typical duct cleaning?

Yes, the source removal method is more expensive. However, it is also more effective.

We are proudly NADCA Certified.

Important Questions to Ask Prior to Scheduling Duct Cleaning Service from Any Company

  • Will both the supply and return trunk be cleaned and at what cost? And, how will they be cleaned?
  • Will both the supply and return be brushed and air scrubbed?
  • Will each individual supply branch also be air scrubbed and brushed?
  • Will each return be air scrubbed and brushed?
  • Will the technician use an inspection device to guarantee that all debris has been removed to my satisfaction?
  • Will the return drop be vacuumed?
  • Will each register be removed and air scrubbed or will the tech use only the reverse sweep method?
  • Will both main trunk lines be HEPA Vacuumed, brushed and scrubbed?
  • What is your guarantee if I am not satisfied?

Need Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Having your Air Ducts regularly maintained is important for the efficiency of your home and indoor air quality. We can help make sure it stays performing at it’s best.

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