How much does a new furnace cost?

This depends. We can typically, custom built a system that includes a furnace to meet your budget. Each home is different. Some furnaces are $2000 installed and others are $10,000 installed. Here is the criteria needed in order to price a furnace job:

·    Btu heat loss at -10 and -20 degrees Fahrenheit for your home

·    Type of windows (single pane or double, low e or non-low e)

·    Southern and Northern exposure

·    Square footage

·    Ducting size and static duct pressure reading

·    Attic and wall insulation

·    2X4 walls or 2X6?

·    Indoor temperature set point. Design temperature, 68, 70, or 72?


Once we have this information we can size the furnace. Then, once we know the furnace size we can size the blower system. After that, we can share the cost for the furnace installation. I wish it were easier but, we don’t do easy – we do what’s right.

How often do I need to change my filter?

This depends on the filter. If you have a filter that is 2” wide or less you will need to change these every 1 to 3 months. If you have a filter that is 4” wide or wider then every 5 to 12 months will work. There are a handful of filters that can be washed. Realize that filters collect dirt. Dirt stops airflow. If you can get into the habit of checking your filter regularly you will benefit.

Does my thermostat have batteries?

This depends. Some thermostats have batteries and others do not. See your owners manual or call our office and we can help you.

Should I be concerned about moisture on my windows during the winter?

This is a result of “tight home syndrome”. If your home does not breathe and is too air tight moisture will collect on the windows. Many states today require a ventilation system to solve this problem. If left unresolved you can expect the following:

·    Mold growth in the walls and in the home

·    Ruined window sills

·    Very unhealthy air in the home


These problems can be resolved by having an air test done in the home. After the air test is complete then we can make a recommendation on the amount of ventilation air needed to solve the problem.

My furnace is only 6 years old and I had to have my igniter replaced. Why?

Age of the furnace is irrelevant. I know that may seem harsh but the reality is simple. Each year in the Milwaukee area furnaces cycle 6000 to 8000 times. At six years this equates to 36,000 to 48,000 times. Imagine cycling a light bulb that many times. There are many parts in furnaces and air conditioners that cycle on and off or open and close. These are what we call consumable parts. They simply wear out over time.

I was told that my Air Conditioner has R22 or Freon™, do I need a new unit?

No. The only thing that you need to realize is that R-22 will be phased out and has been going through a phase out period since 1990. The Montreal Protocol called for the elimination of all chlorine based refrigerants. R22 contains chlorine and will eventually be eliminated. Today, we have numerous other environmentally safe refrigerants that you can use. However, you will need to install a new unit in order to get the new refrigerant. Meaning, that you can’t install a replacement refrigerant into your existing unit. There are some companies that do offer a replacement refrigerant. However, in residential these are far too expensive to make the switchover and usually only make sense in a commercial or industrial application.

I have no heat, can you get a tech here?

Yes. We have a team of technicians that are available 24 hours per day 7 days per week. We offer True 24 hour service anytime or any day.

How much does a service call cost on a Saturday or Sunday?

The same as it does any other day of the week. We do not charge after hours or overtime.

We just had new carpet installed and I’m concerned when your installers arrive.

No worries. All of our installing technicians carry carpet runners and protective floor covering. Additionally, they cover their shoes. Also, our install teams carry vacuum cleaners and brooms.

I have so much dust in my home, can you help me?

Yes, most likely we can help you. I suggest that we perform an air assessment. We will look at all your ducts and take air samples from your home. Once we determine the amount of debris in the air we can make a recommendation. We believe that before we sell you a product, we first perform a diagnosis. We’d never want to prescribe the wrong solution.

Do I need a duct cleaning?

This depends. If you think that you will breathe easier because you have a duct cleaning done – sorry, that won’t happen. A duct cleaning is designed top removed excess debris from your system to prevent that dirt from circulating around the home and clogging up your filter. We have heard customers tell us that after a duct cleaning they noticed less dust in the home. My suggestion is that we have a technician perform an air assessment to see if a duct cleaning is needed. We believe that all homes should at some point have a duct cleaning.

How do you bill us for your services?

Actually, we do not bill you. We have a handful of loyal customers or owners that live outside the state of Wisconsin where we make exceptions. Please be prepared to pay our technician at the time of service. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. We also do e check verify where we will take your check if it passes our e verify process.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, if you qualify we can help you. Today, we work with 6 different lending institutions that can assist you with financing options. We’ve even helped folks that have filed bankruptcy in the past. However, this is determined per the lender and not us.

I need a new furnace and air conditioner, can you install it right away?

Yes, we have several crews and can typically install with 24 to 48 hours or in many cases same day installations. This depends on what furnace or air conditioner package that you choose