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Often times I get asked, what makes your company different?

Actually, I hate answering these questions because I feel that humility is far more important than bragging up my company. Plus, I am a firm believer in the adage “actions speaks louder than words.” With some humility, I will give you a soft touch of why I feel our company is different.


The first thing that makes us different is the folks that work for our company. We strongly believe in TEAM and FAMILY. I have some of the finest, most considerate, caring and respectful employees that any owner could wish for; couple that with a positive attitude and I have no concerns for our customers. I know they will be taken care of.


The second thing that really sets us apart is the amount of time, effort and money we invest in training and education. Our education budget is larger than most of our competitors entire marketing budgets. I know that if you invest in your people they will invest in our customers with quality work and respect.


The third item that really sets us apart is our level of personal responsibility. I’ll make this easy – if we screw up – we’ll make it RIGHT! No excuses, no complaining, no baloney! Our goal is to make our customers happy and feel valued.


Lastly, our concern for our community and the people of this world. I believe that businesses should be profitable, but I also believe that businesses should invest in their communities and share a set of principles and core values with our staff that align with making our community and our world a better place. At Mr. Holland’s, we care about other people. We will continue to support organizations within our community and outside of our country. We are not looking for praise nor are we seeking a pat on the back. What we want is to place a smile on a young child’s face or help a single mom overcome a challenge. There are real life issues that face people in our communities. I believe that if we all do our part many challenges in our country and abroad could be solved.

The question was… what makes us different? I’ll leave that one for you. Like I stated earlier, “action speaks louder than words”. Give us a try. If you choose another HVAC company, that’s okay. We respect capitalism and the free market.

Thanks for reading,

Steve Holland

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